Many women are successful in their careers, but struggle in love. Why is that?

How can you end the cycle of unhealthy relationships and find lasting love with a terrific partner? And how can you maintain your independence while enjoying the companionship and joy of a committed relationship?

Loving without Losing
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Discover the 5 shifts...

To learn how, I invite you to join me for Loving without Losing: How to attract the love of your life (without losing yourself).

In this FREE 50-minute online training, you will discover:

  • The 5-step strategy my clients use to attract their soulmate, even if they’ve been stuck in a cycle of unhealthy relationships...
  • Why "how to catch a guy" and better flirting techniques are NOT good strategies for finding love...and how to attract your soulmate sooner...
  • How successful professional women create healthy, loving and joyful relationships...without sacrificing their personal freedom or losing their individuality...
  • The secret to finding lasting love NOW...without desperately chasing after it or passively waiting...
  • AND how to do all this while staying true to yourself and enjoying life as an empowered single woman!

Meet Karen...

I've learned the hard way that sacrificing yourself for a relationship is too big a price to pay.

I've been widowed, divorced, and had several unhealthy relationships that caused me to lose my sense of self, because I gave far too much and got too little in return. These experiences caused me to think...there must be a better way!

So I studied dating and relationships, and now have over a decade of training with the best in the relationship and personal development industries.

And after learning how to choose better myself, I made it my mission to help women break the cycle of difficult relationships and raise their standards for love!

I’ve trained thousands of women over the past 8 years to help them heal their hearts, thrive as single women, and attract real love! I'd love to help you too. :)

Karen Strang Allen

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