A 4-part framework to thrive as a confident single woman and attract a great partner!

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You don't like to brag, but you're a high-value woman

You have a lot to offer and are successful in other areas of your life, like your career.

You're loving and giving, smart and funny, kind and generous.
So why has it been so hard to find love?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your relationships have been difficult...you’re drawn to wounded men or bad boys. You tend to give too much and get too little. You keep losing yourself in your relationships & feel sad, resentful and tired.
You can’t imagine dating…you know you need to heal and focus on YOU!

You’ve been dating for a while with no luck. You seem to only attract the “losers,” and the ones you want don’t notice you. You secretly doubt if you’re good enough and feel like giving up.
You can’t figure out what to do differently to attract better partners!

You tell yourself you “don’t need a man,” but secretly you miss companionship. You want companionship, but are not sure you can have what you want. You’ve been burned before and are afraid to get hurt again.
You want love but have a wall up and don’t know how to take it down!

You're in a relationship but haven’t been happy for a while. Your partner has some serious flaws, and you wish he would just change! Your needs aren’t being met and you suspect you should leave but are afraid to. You want something better but are afraid of being alone & starting over!

Are you ready to get on the fast-track to love?

Deep down, you know more is possible for you. You know you deserve to be happy, and to be treated with love and respect. You want a healthy, happy long-lasting relationship with a great partner, one who makes you laugh, showers you with love, and enjoys experiencing life with you.

You also realize that you are the common denominator in your relationships...
and that the only person who can change your results is YOU.

How about we work together to help you change your patterns and attract a great partner?

Happy couple at sunset

Heartbreak to Soulmate

Heartbreak to Soulmate is unlike any other program out there, because it helps you to solve the underlying reasons you've been struggling in love. It will help you to:

  • Release pain and anger from your past
  • Rediscover who you are and what you want
  • Create a life that feels joyful and fulfilling
  • Attract greater abundance and career opportunities
  • Become more assertive and confident
  • Change your relationship patterns so they stop repeating
  • Date in a way that's empowering and fun
  • Attract and choose high-quality partners!

By becoming an empowered single woman who loves her life and knows her value, you'll raise your standards for love so you never settle for less than you deserve again!

Heartbreak to Soulmate program

Designed exclusively for women

The Heartbreak to Soulmate program has been designed by women, for women. Having been both widowed and divorced herself, Karen intimately understands the challenges of being single, and how to overcome them and thrive!

She has 10 years of experience and has been exclusively coaching women for over 9 years!

A proven track record

Hundreds of women have taken Karen's programs and achieved their goals (creating happy lives, regaining their confidence, up-leveling their careers, and finding love). Her programs have a 95% satisfaction rating!

What you'll learn...

Love yourself.

When you feel confident in who you are and what you have to offer, you set your standards high and light up in a way that attracts high-quality partners.

Love your life.

When you create a life you truly love, you're less likely to settle and more resilient if things don't work out. Plus you're having fun NOW and not wishing your life away!

Find love.

A great relationship brings so many wonderful things...companionship, fun,
shared experiences, support, connection, conversation, affection, laughter... and joy!

What's included...

World-class training

This program is both comprehensive and world-class, including step-by-step strategies, tools and content in a private course space you can access for 12 months.

Attachment exercise

Powerful exercises

Our transformational exercises are designed to help you apply what you're learning to your own life, so that you create real and lasting change!

Coaching call

Expert coaching

Because we know that change takes time, we include a full year of group and private coaching that helps you address any challenges and areas where you're stuck.

Private Facebook community

Friendly community

In our private community, you will quickly discover you're not alone. You'll receive encouragement and support from like-minded women who want you to succeed!

What our clients are saying...



Not only did her program help me shed many limiting beliefs that were holding me back, Karen gave us tools to use going forward to help us continue on our journeys!

Almost a year later, I am in an amazing relationship with a wonderful man who I never dreamed I would connect with. And I’ve finally built up the courage to start my own business.

Thank you Karen!


Before I met Karen I was lost, and feeling a bit defeated in life. Though I was successful in my career, I was having trouble even meeting any men worth talking to. Karen helped me see that I had my guard up, from past hurts that I had not dealt with. By forgiving others and forgiving myself I was able to finally put things behind me that were causing the walls.

I have now met a wonderful man, one of great character, and truly a soul mate. He just recently proposed, and we will be married in December! If it wasn’t for Karen’s program, I would not have been able to accept the love offered by my soon to be husband! Thank you Karen, your program changed my life!” 




Meet Coach Karen




I'm Karen: a love and empowerment coach for women and a mother to two awesome teens. I've been both widowed and divorced, so I get the challenges of being a single woman (and mom). And I know that this time can be very freeing!

I've found great joy in becoming an empowered single woman, and helping others find that same joy is my ultimate passion. After nearly a decade of coaching women, I'm confident this program will help you feel great about who you are and accomplish your life and love goals.

I hope you join us!

Karen Strang Allen

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