Fall madly in love
with you!

This 60-minute training is for you if:

  • You know you're a good person, but don't always feel good about (or prioritize) yourself
  • You tend to settle too easily and choose low-quality partners who take you for granted
  • You want to enjoy being single and feel empowered but don't know how!

Join us on February 9 @ 7 pm Eastern!

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Karen Strang Allen


Karen Strang Allen
Love and empowerment coach

Karen is fiercely committed to helping women take back their power, feel great about who they are, and create a life they love, so they attract their dream partner!

This webinar will teach you how to:

Take your power back

Learn why we look for love in all the wrong places, and how to feel empowered in your relationships!

Prioritize your wellbeing

Discover what self-love and self-care really mean...and how to truly love and support yourself.

Enjoy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is not just for couples - it can be a great time to express love...both for others and yourself!!

Feedback from past participants

“Thank you sooo much Karen, this was amazing!" - Jenny
"Thank you so much, these ideas really speak to me." - Stacey
"Great content, thank you Karen!" - Natalie
"Beautiful presentation. Thank you very much." - Lubica
"Thanks Karen - that was awesome." - Lesley
"I gained so many valuable insights!" - Jenny
"Amazing training." - Julia

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